High-quality development to cope with the instability of the international environment

Today, we are at a critical juncture in the development of the times. Economic development in peacetime is still the theme of world development. However, the instability of the international environment in recent years has had a significant impact on global economic development. Trade protection and political factors in some countries have made the development of international trade more difficult, especially when the global spread of the new crown epidemic has caused turbulence in the world economy. However, under such a severe international environment, my country has faced difficulties, and its economic development has officially entered a stage of high-quality development. The vigorous development of the domestic market also promotes well-known enterprises to expand their business and introduce their products and services to the world.

From the perspective of the enterprise’s own development, the high-quality development stage of the national economy requires enterprises to improve the quality of products when facing foreign markets, and simultaneously improve the level of pre-sales and after-sales services of products, so as to strive to improve their own core competitiveness. , to achieve the goal of “Three High Enterprises” with high product quality, high service level, and rich and high profits .

my country has the most complete and largest industrial system in the world, with strong production capacity and perfect supporting capacity. The high level of production quality ensures the excellent product quality of Chinese enterprises’ products going overseas, and the excellent product quality makes overseas enterprises almost sell their products all over the world. A large number of enterprises are transforming from traditional labor-intensive manufacturing industries to high-end design independent brands with core technology and craftsmanship. However, in the face of more than 200 languages ​​spoken in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, the vast majority of Chinese companies still lack a complete overseas customer service system.

More and more well-known old brands and entrepreneurial new brands in China have broken the traditional Chinese brand through internationalized brand professional positioning, unique design, excellent materials, refined production technology, and diversified customer market expansion. The manufacturing industry does not have the defects of original design, poor quality, low brand gold content, etc. of low-quality operation. And there are all kinds of categories and subdivisions going overseas. Just taking clothing as an example, it can be subdivided into bikini swimwear, pet clothing, graduation ceremony clothing, children’s clothing, wedding dresses, hiking shoes, etc. The top brands of various categories are being occupied by Chinese brands invisibly or even tangible. And quite a few of these sub-categories have successfully and low-key occupied the global market, and are using the localized customer service language, culture and talent and communication channels to provide excellent service, so consumers do not perceive that this is from China. brand. On Callnovo’s global customer service operation platform, we have gathered a large number of high-end brands. Efficient and stable continuous service and deepening technology research and development have provided high-quality localized customer service for Chinese brands to enter the global market.

Faced with the unstable international environment, Callnovo provides high-quality customer service outsourcing services for Chinese brands going overseas, helping your company to ride the wind and waves in the world, and directly hang on the cloud to help the business sea!

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