Callnovo CRM two-way text messages and bilingual customer service in both Chinese and English efficiently empower well-known professional Chinese nursing companies in New York

In the 1850s, the East Coast of the United States welcomed the first Chinese to land. Today, more than 100 years later, New York has become the city with the largest number of Chinese outside Asia. At present, there are nearly 700,000 Chinese in New York, accounting for more than 6% of the total population of New York; among Asians, Chinese account for almost 50%. At the same time, the aging of Chinese in New York State is becoming more and more obvious, and elderly care is becoming an important topic in the Chinese community in New York.

The picture shows a Chinese nurse and caregiver who specializes in providing personal care services for the elderly in Flushing, New York. Because their plans often fail to keep up with changes, Chinese elderly customers need expedited services or temporarily cancel services due to temporary conditions. Thanks to the efficient and high-quality service of Callnovo ‘s bilingual customer service remote assistant in Chinese and English and the powerful Callnovo CRM and communication platform, everything is arranged in an orderly manner.

The client is a well-known home care company headquartered in New York (called N care company in the text), which has been deeply involved in the Chinese community for many years, and its services cover Flushing, Washington Heights in the Bronx and Midtown Manhattan. Customers to provide high-quality nursing services and free nursing training center. The purpose of the company is to assist the elderly in a safe and independent life through home care services, and to improve the convenience of the elderly.

In addition to the Chinese in New York, the customer groups actually served by N Care Company cover other ethnic groups in the New York metropolitan area, even including Hispanic ethnic groups, and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing long-term door-to-door services for the elderly in need , which requires the company’s contact center to be able to arrange and deploy its nurses and nursing staff in a timely and accurate manner in Chinese, English, Spanish and other languages ​​24 hours/7 days a day.

 Callnovo provides N Nursing Company with front desk telephone and SMS customer service specialists in Mandarin, English, Cantonese and Spanish, data entry specialists, and a team of more than ten outsourced customer service representatives, providing efficient and high-quality 24/7 all-round contact services and background information entry and Check service.

The front desk telephone customer service mainly understands the problems of the nurses/customers/insurance companies through phone calls and text messages, and informs the background processing of billing; calls out various questions of the patients/nursing staff according to the task requirements.

The data entry specialist is mainly to help customers and nurses to establish and update orders and accounts, to connect with insurance companies and relevant departments, and to check the nurses’ medical report/leave or shift and other related content.

It is worth mentioning that, through the integration of the Callnovo CRM cloud communication platform and the internal information platform of N Nursing Company, not only the dispatch work of nurses and nurses can be efficiently and accurately realized, but N Nursing Company has also begun to accumulate clear customer and nursing staff and nurses. This kind of interactive big data (data includes two-way text messages, artificial intelligence analysis of phone language to text, and work order records), and began to be able to gain insight into the service demand trends of New York customer group care from the data, and provide the nursing company headquarters with important information for business decisions. Professional “ice-breaking”, technology “empowerment”, and the technologicalization of elderly care in the Chinese community in New York is underway.

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