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Empowering Businesses for Limitless and Seamless Communication with Customers Worldwide by CallnovoDesk CRM Tools.

Add Super Power to Your CRM Tools

We’re Better. Here’s Why…

We trust the value of a modern CRM tools lies in the ability to help business stay organized, know more about their customers, build strong relationships and make the most of sales opportunities, all while minimizing user input. At CallnovoDesk, we identify new solutions to help your team get the most out of every conversation. we know that communication is key in every step of the customer journey, from prospecting to account management. our commitment to you: to provide the best level of service to your team by integrity and innovation.

Our job is to make your job easier. We are passionate about improving customer support and empowering team to reach the right people.

Setup in Less Than 5 Minutes.

No hardware, No headache. Just a beautiful cloud call center solution you use to start a conversation anywhere in the world.

Gain Visibility

Get rid of the guesswork. Monitor individual and team metrics in real time to start making measurable advantage.

Connect to Your CRM

Calls to get better when all the right info is tagged together in the cloud. integrate CallnovodDesk with CRM.

Enable Productivity

Don't keep progress on hold. create new numbers, teams and workflows on the fly whenever new business need to grow.

Why Callnovo Desk

Callnovo’s CRM is Globally-deployed on AWS.

CallnovoDesk CRM tools are globally-deployed on AWS. 100% browser-based.
No hardware required. Fast implementation within 3 days.

CallnovoDesk is The Best Choice in CRM Tools for Local and Global Business.

Managing your customer relationship is required at any stage of your business growth. the customer you work with today holds the key to your long-term success.

CallnovoDesk is a customer relationship management solution that is easy to get started with,  create a single version of the truth to help your decision-making and help you make an exceptional experience, all of which positively impacts your company.

Make Customer Experience a Competitive Advantage with CallnovoDesk.

Remove the complexity and inconsistency of managing your growing customer data in spreadsheets, and switch to a customer relationship management solution that grows with you.
Creating a single view of your prospects and customers means you can get to know them better, and deliver exceptional customer service time.

Work Comes Together with CallnovoDesk

It’s rare that one approach fits everyone, so you can customize CallnovoDesk to support the way you work. Create a variety of custom field types to suit your business and up to 50 custom activity types on our Teams and Enterprise plans. You can also create multiple sales pipelines to reflect the different services that you offer.

When we come together, we unlock hidden potential. we unify people to help businesses and communities pursue their desired goals, solve their thorniest challenges and harness their success to leave our planet a little better than we found it.

Make the Hard Things Easy for Sales, Marketing and Service.

From the start, CallnovoDesk has sought to change the world for the better through technology that builds stronger relationships. Between companies and their customer. Between employees and far-flung teams.

A powerful and fully secure solution that you can depend on. trusted by more than 1000+ enterprises worldwide covering retail and eCommerce, healthcare, global and local businesses, telecom, and more. 

Key Features

Most Probably Included Best Features Ever

Discover all the features and tools that will make your team more productive and grow your business.

Live Web Chat

Turn website traffic into sales conversions and build loyality.

Call Recording

Record every call on each of your numbers to better monitor your performance as a team.

AI-based IVR

With callnovoDesk you can activate your IVR systems to create an interactive menu for your customers.

Email-based Ticketing

With CallnovoDesk You can easily manage your customer by create email based ticket.

KPI Monitoring

With CallnovoDesk You can smoothly measure key performance indicator of your business.

Knowledge Base

knowledge-based routing ensures productive and efficient customer support management.

Contrary to Popular Belief

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Access to features like Click to click to dial and call recording. 1- click setup for all your integrations with call monitoring and performance analytics