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CallnovoDesk is a complete Healthcare call center solutions that help you to cover patient care, staff efficiency, and data security.


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Healthcare Call Center Solutions for a Better Patiens and Member Experience.

superior patient experiences

Provide superior patient experiences with a reliable and secure voice solution. Always keep the view of your patients by connecting your call center to the tools you already use. easily integrate so patients can quickly schedule appointments or find doctors. Make life easier for your team and your customers when you streamline your services with CallnovoDesk health care solutions.

Within five seconds or so, you know the person's name, their phone number, and the details of previous conversations.

-Norbert Miklos, COO

Better Patient Experiences at Every Step.

Better patient experiences at every step.

It would now be very difficult for our teams to go back to the way we worked before. CallnovoDesk brought a lot of comfort and efficiency to their daily work.

-Olivier Pilat, Co-founder

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Enjoy the simplicity of a worldwide unified system. agent can make calls form anywhere.

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Easily integrate with the cloud business tools each department relies on to get the job done.

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