CRM communication cloud platform empowers local customer service in the Middle East and Africa to work from home under the epidemic

Introduction: As a relatively dense call center industry, in addition to the necessary service-related call centers allowed by the government to operate, most of the Arabic and African language customer service call centers have closed their workplaces due to the global spread of the new crown pneumonia. With the technical support of the cloud communication platform, whether customer service is at home or working in the office, Callnovo Middle East and Africa Call Center can not only monitor the online status of customer service personnel in real time, ensure the efficient implementation of customer service work with high-quality process management, but also deliver results-oriented delivery. The model provides various customer service data for cross-border e-commerce sellers and merchants.

Under the epidemic, most Arab countries have begun to implement curfews to control the epidemic. Dubai requires private sector companies to implement a remote work system for more than 80% of their employees by April 9, and only essential livelihood services such as pharmacies, grocery stores, and supermarkets will remain offline. As a relatively dense call center industry, in addition to the necessary service-related call centers allowed by the government, most of the Arabic-language customer service call centers have closed their workplaces due to the global spread of the new crown pneumonia. The advanced Callnovo Arabic call center uses cloud communication platform technology, no matter whether the customer service is working at home or in the office, it can not only monitor the online status of the customer service personnel in real time, but also ensure the efficient implementation of customer service work with high-quality process management, but also results-oriented. The delivery model provides various customer service data for cross-border e-commerce sellers and merchants.

  “Sales of tablets, game consoles, laptops have skyrocketed by almost 20 percent on UAE online portals,” said Sandeep Ganediwall, partner at RedSeer Consulting, which tracks online sales activity in the UAE and the Gulf. The average price of products also rose – mainly due to the lack of lower-priced products in these categories. “Prices in some categories have also increased due to reduced discounts on list prices. Entry-level models are almost sold out and customers have to buy high-end products.” This combination of factors is the reason for the current surge in online demand in the UAE and Gulf markets.

Altaf Abbas Patel, head of procurement at said. “Buyers on our website are buying relatively low-end, high-quality and cheap daily necessities, and our online product purchases are mainly from China. Recently, we found that from electronics to clothing, various categories have started to have some shortages due to the new crown pneumonia. But We expect these to be short-lived, especially as China successfully controls the outbreak and begins to reopen.”

The workload of Arabic-language customer service brought about by shopping at home through e-commerce has increased significantly. The Arabic-speaking customer service after-sales staff with severe outbreaks are working at full capacity on life-style e-commerce platforms, especially delivery reminders, confirmation/cancellation of orders from takeaway platforms, supermarket grocery shopping platforms, and daily necessities shopping platforms , logistics parcel tracking, delays in dispute response and the additional service volume brought by after-sales problems, on behalf of Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers to fully communicate and comfort foreign customers. According to Ghassen, Operations Director of Callnovo’s Middle East and Africa Call Center: “Customer service staff work at a very high density every day. After the epidemic spread to many sellers around the world, consumers in the Middle East and Africa, especially Arab countries, have inquired about the epidemic or package safety in batches. Increase. Some Chinese cross-border e-commerce partners have plans to increase personnel or work overtime in the short term, and we will respond quickly and fully meet such needs of customers!”

In the Islamic countries of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East, the Ministry of the Interior has announced a curfew, and the exits and entrances of all markets will be clearly distinguished, and they must not be mixed; Meter. Turkish authorities say they will impose fines or jail time for curfew violators. A Home Office spokesman reported in late March that compliance was good so far. Islam is strictly Saudi Arabia, and Saudi women are playing an increasingly important role in the gaming market. According to GameRes, the number of female gamers in Saudi Arabia exceeds that of male gamers in Saudi Arabia. 83% of Saudi men play games regularly, while 90% of Saudi women are game lovers.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, many countries and regions in the Middle East and Africa have adopted prevention and control measures such as factory shutdowns and school closures, and overseas games have become one of the industries with the largest increase in business. Nassif Erisik, a young resident of Turkey, has a long-standing habit of playing card games with friends at home every night. He said that the regular card party has now been changed to online games: “The new crown pneumonia has changed the living habits of our group of friends. And everything in life.” At the same time, RPG games, arcade games, adventure games, and role-playing games in the Arab region also experienced explosive growth during the epidemic, and this change also made Arabic and Turkish games online. The business volume of the customer service call center has increased rapidly, helping game manufacturers to provide consulting and answering services for players on the platform, facebook forums, mailboxes or private message platforms, feedback game bugs and player suggestions, etc.

As a leading global customer service outsourcing expert, Callnovo has established native Arabic and Turkish customer service teams in the Arab world since 2013, assisting global companies entering the Middle East market, including Chinese companies going overseas to develop customer service in Middle East countries After-sales support, including e-commerce COD delivery confirmation, product usage guidance, technical support, and product return. Callnovo also provides game customer service for companies in the Arab world in the Middle East and the Middle East. The scenarios include game recharge, player and streamer guidance, player interest guidance, player complaints, bug feedback, game forum responses, and more.

Under the epidemic, the Callnovo Middle East language service team quickly switched to work from home. Through the cloud CRM + cloud communication + artificial intelligence technology developed by the Callnovo technical team , all Arabic and Turkish business representatives can log in at home through a browser-based platform to maintain an orderly manner Work. Whether it is incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, SMS, online communication on websites, Facebook messages, all tasks and information are operated, assigned, managed, counted, and analyzed on a unified platform.

Now that the virus is spreading fast, the warnings about the various crises and dangers caused by the spread of the epidemic are getting more and more severe. We must unite and fight together. We hope that Callnovo’s accumulated 20 years of customer service outsourcing resources can help Chinese sellers and global users get through this difficult time together.

Callnovo has been focusing on customer service outsourcing services for 16 years and is good at technological innovation. Taking the lead in using the leading VoIP, WebRTC and CRM cloud communication technologies, it has successfully served the following customers: US State Department Overseas Consulate Visa Global Customer Service Center, Canadian Immigration Department IRCC Chinese Visa Customer Service Center, US Groupon Group Purchase Network, US RE/MAX California Real Estate, US Quantum International, Denmark TDC Telecom Group, UK Lycatel Telecom Group, US CBS Interactive Global Media, US Dow Jones Group Wall Street Journal, Japan Matsushita Electric, France Louis Vuitton Group, Netherlands VidaXL Group, India Neeyamo Human Resources.

In 2008, Callnovo began to serve the Chinese market. With its unique technical advantages, it has successfully served Chinese enterprises: Alibaba, SF Express, TP-Link, Liugong, Yutong, Mindray, Zilong Games, Wukong Chinese, Haofang, Wisdom Creation Think, SuperBuy, Zhoushi, Haohan, EZVIZ, Douai, Langshengguang and other enterprises.

Three advantages of Callnovo:

✔ Global leader in integrated technology

800 service numbers, two-way SMS numbers, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Amazon, Shopify, etc. in more than 120 countries in the world are fully integrated.

✔ The most complete language and widest coverage

10 operation centers around the world, 35 languages, covering more than 150 countries and regions around the world, serving 5 billion people.

✔ China one-to-one service

From business negotiation, technology integration, to operation management. We all have a Chinese team to provide you with full and considerate service.

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